Pastoral Care

Caring clear

Lea Joyner United Methodist Church is committed to providing a ministry of pastoral care for out members and the community.  We Believe that any crisis in life can be an opportunity for the renewal of faith and spiritual growth.  Our staff includes several ministers all of whom have a deep concern for people, and who are uniquely qualified to minister to a wide variety of human situations.

Reverend Ben McGehee – Senior Pastor

Reverend Betty Swanson  –  Associate Pastor


We have a ministry to meet the needs of all persons, including the following services:

                              Hospital Visitation                      Pre-marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling                  Personal Problem Counseling
                              Crisis Counseling                              Home Visitation

                              Funeral Planning                             Emergency Relief

Your pastors are trained to do Christian Ministry.  They are caring human beings, ready to help individuals and families in their time of need.  They expect members and friends of the church to call on them when the need arises. 

For more information call the church office at 318-343-0073