Every great milestone in the Bible and in life is associated with a place. The Bible points to places like Eden, Egypt, the Jordan River, The Promised Land, Bethlehem, Jerusalem. Everyone needs a place. When we introduce ourselves to others, we often identify ourselves as being in or from a place. Everyone needs a place. It is important in friendships and relationships. Everyone needs a place. Even eternity is described as a place in the Book of the Revelation, a new heaven and a new earth. Everyone needs a place. Someone made a place for each of us. And we believe that we have a place for you. We want you to find your place, your spiritual home, at Lea Joyner United Methodist Church. We invite you to join us this Sunday, and every Sunday, at the church that has made a place for you.

Lea Joyner United Methodist Church – – where EVERYONE is welcome!


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