What to Expect



We are located at 4390 Old Sterlington Road, behind the old St. Francis North Hospital. (map)  


On Sundays, you will find the majority of the congregation dressed in casual clothing, though some women will wear nice dresses and some men will wear coats and ties. Our goal is to have a worship environment where people can feel comfortable regardless of their attire. Don’t worry about what you wear-just come and experience Christ with us.  


There are doors everywhere and it can be confusing at times. The best door to use for worship is the side door under the covered drive on the left side of our Sanctuary, but any door can be used.  Guest parking is available near the covered drive on the left side of the building and is marked with signs. Once inside, you will find Greeters stationed at the doors and our Welcome Center, along with ushers at the sanctuary doors. They can assist you as needed and direct you where you need to go, including where to take your children.

Don’t worry if you are running a little behind, as our space is arranged to accommodate late arrivals with no fuss or embarrassment. 


Our nursery is open every Sunday by 8:30 am for children aged 6 weeks – 3 years old. It is expertly managed by our Paid Nursery Director, LaDonna Harrison. When you drop off your children, please inform our nursery staff of any concerns or allergies. Rest assured that all staff and volunteers undergo a national criminal background check before being approved to work or help with our children and youth.


Every week, the sermon, music and liturgy provide an opportunity for personal growth in faith and deepening commitment to Jesus Christ. Lea Joyner offers two services each Sunday. Our traditional worship service begins at 9:00 am. Music at this service is traditional Methodist hymns and special music is provided by the chancel choir and others. The contemporary service begins at 11:00 am and includes upbeat praise and worship music led by our Praise Band. The sermon at both services is scripture based and relevant to contemporary life. Each service lasts about 1 hour.  
We also livestream our services on Facebook Live and our Lea Joyner YouTube Channel.

Children In Worship

All children are welcome to remain in the Sanctuary with their parents at all times. We offer a Cry Room at the back of the Sanctuary for times when your children are getting restless or loud. Please know that these “disturbances” are much more likely to bother the parents than anyone else in the congregation!

We offer a Children’s Message every Sunday at the 9:00 service, and occasionally at 11:00 (especially during holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, and more). During our Children’s Messages, we invite every child in the Sanctuary to come down front for an age-appropriate lesson led by our Director of Family Ministry or one of our Pastors.