Lea Joyner Tweens is a bridge between our children’s ministry and the youth group. They are 4th-6th graders who have fun serving, learning and working together. 
Sunday School
On Sunday mornings, Tweens meet in Room 32 upstairs in CLC at 10:00 am. They study the Bible together and find biblical wisdom and responses to every day issues. They learn to apply God’s word to their lives in an intentional way. They also experience prayer, fellowship, and small group discussion through an ongoing curriculum. At the moment they are using Submerge by Deep Blue.
Sunday Night
Lea Joyner Tweens meet from 4:00-6:00 pm upstairs in Rm. 32 of CLC. This is a time for them to dive more deeply into the Bible and specifically learning christian life and character. They do this through Bible study, missions, fellowship and games. 
We believe that it’s important to emphasize mission at a young age, so in Tweens there will be plenty of mission opportunities in both the church and the community. Some examples include helping out with Simple project, doing game nights for seniors and restocking the food pantry.