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Lea Joyner offers numerous Sunday School classes for adults at 10:00am every week where we pray for each other and study the Bible together. Feel free to try out any of the classes listed. You will be warmly welcomed!
During COVID times, each of these classes are meeting in person (unless noted in the description). Call the church office for more information (343-0073).

Bennie Fuller’s Soul Sisters

 This is a class for women of all ages. We prayerfully support each others joys and concerns and practice being the hands and feet of Christ through various mission opportunities. We choose our own study material and are currently studying various books of the Bible, openly discussing God’s Word and how it reflects in today’s world and our lives.  We invite all women to come join us. We meet in Room 4.


This is a class of individuals dealing with teenagers in the house, adjusting to empty nest, becoming new grandparents and learning to care for their own parents. The class focuses on Bible study which always leads to discussions of similar experiences within our daily lives. A very relaxed sit down with money back guarantee of at least one belly laugh per Sunday. They meet in the Christian Life Center (CLC) Room 25.


*Not meeting during COVID times.
This class is a mission minded class supporting church sponsored activities, remembering the shut-ins, plus doing local and nationwide projects, thus changing their name to Missions. They have get-togethers periodically. This class uses the Adult Bible Studies series. They meet in Room 6.



The Newcomer Class (named after Robert Newcomer) has a sweet Christian spirit, and loves to fellowship each Sunday morning with much singing. They welcome people of all ages who desire to participate. Members of the class minister to and stay in contact with each other on a regular basis. They meet in the northern part of the new building.


Open Door

This class enjoys spirit filled discussion in an informal setting. We may study topical material that focuses on effective tools for Christian living or we may study a book of the Bible or video. We meet in Room 3. The class is taught by several in the class on a rotation basis.


Pastor’s Class

This class has adult members of all ages with most being 60 and older. We enjoy fun and fellowship while studying the Bible led by an excellent teacher, Roger Smith. During non-COVID times, we have good eats, usually sweets, each Sunday. We meet on the south side of the sanctuary near the choir room. Join us for a good time of learning, fellowship and fun.


Whit Rodgers Men’s Class

This class meets upstairs in the Christian Life Center (CLC) in Room 37, utilizing a variety of literature including a detailed study and discussion of the scriptures. They also conduct a Christian outreach ministry centered around building handicap ramps for individuals in need as well as other carpentry projects. The class is moderated by Terry Jones and David Key. All adult men are welcome.