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Jesus came and ministered to everyone! He ministered to the Lost, the Broken, the Homeless, and the Hungry, and so do we. We think it is so important to believe in His works, but it is equally important to Do as He did! Please help us do God’s work here in Monroe to spread the Love and the Hope of Christ to those who are lost, broken, homeless, or hungry.

2018 Upcoming Mission Opportunities:

– Grace Place –

Every 3rd Friday – 10:45-1:00

Purchase Bread and Cakes
Serve the Homeless
(6 openings)
-See Elaine (343-0073) for details

  – Family Promise –

April 29th – May 3

Opportunity to chaperone overnight
Help cook meals and washing of linens
See Linda Waalk (343-3552) or Dot Key (345-0030)

– St Marks in New Orleans –

June 2-3rd

September 22 – 23rd

Help with the service and provide lunch for the homeless.
Cost $60/covers travel, sleeping arrangements and 2 meals.
Lunch at Middendorf’s not included.
Estimate leaving by
10am Saturday
and returning by
4 PM Sunday
(20 openings)
Contact Paula Burgess (537-0483) for details

– Seeker Springs


Preparing and serving kids/teens during summer camps
One night opportunity to serve foster kids in Northeast Louisiana
Contact John Gummere, Missions Chair

If you have any questions or suggestions,

please contact church office

318-343-0073 or leajoynerchurch@gmail.com


Family Promise of Ouachita:

Family Promise is a ministry to homeless families. Lea Joyner UMC has joined with many other churches in our community in working with Family Promise in reaching out to families that are temporarily homeless. This program is fully insured and is being conducted in dozens of cities and towns across our country. This is a wonderful way for our church to reach out to homeless families in our community, with the goal of helping them find permanent housing. We offer them a place to stay and food to eat, while they try to find permanent employment and housing!


Change 2 Make a Change:

Each month we choose a local, faith-based mission to sponsor. During their month we invite them to speak to the congregation and we take up a special offering on their behalf. Every penny collected is given to the mission of choice, along with our prayers and our support! Please Contact our church office if your organization would like to be added to our calendar!

Missionary of the Month

We know that life can be hard, and that bad things happen in the worst times. We have all been at the end of our ropes with no slack left, so each month we choose a person to help provide a little more “rope.” Many years ago our church began putting money aside to help those going through a tough time because God tells us “Whatever we do to the least of these, we also do for Him.”

Feeding/ Clothing Those in Need:

As we try to feed the spiritual needs of our congregation, we also partner with our outreach programs to physically feed others. Our Mission’s Committee goes and feeds the homeless where they are! Please pray with us that each hungry mouth be fed, and every heart be filled! Here are a few of our local food and clothing ministries we currently support!
  • Desiard Street Bridge Ministry
  • Grace Place
  • Christian Community Ministries
  • New Orleans – We partner with a local Church to feed the homeless both Spiritually and physically!
  • Blessed Basket – We have a special fund that we use to feed those in need around us! As many churches have seen over the years, there will always be hunger that we can feed, so we began this special fund.
  • School Supply Drive
  • Teddy Bears – Each Year we have a Teddy Bear Month, and the bears are sent to abused and neglected children!

We are always looking for ways to serve our community, so please let us know how we can help!