In 2004, Lea Joyner Church decided to build a beautiful new Sanctuary in order to accommodate our growing congregation. For the last 10 years, we have had the joy of worshiping in an incredible facility which has helped us fulfill our Mission: TO KNOW JESUS AND MAKE HIM KNOWN… We currently carry a substantial amount of debt on our Sanctuary that we would like to eliminate as quickly as possible so that we can expend all of our energies on God’s Mission for us.
This is the focus of our current “Imagine Our Future: Fulfilling God’s Mission” capital campaign. We have calculated that if our church continues to give towards our debt at the current level, it will take about
10 ½ YEARS to pay everything off…
However, we have also calculated that if we were to raise $1.65 million over the next three years, we could completely pay off our debt by 2019!
We realize that this is an ambitious amount, but we believe that God is able to do infinitely more than we could ever ask or imagine. As we move towards our Celebration Service on May 1, we are inviting everyone in the church to Imagine Our Future together – as we Fulfill God’s Mission for Lea Joyner Church:

Imagine our Sanctuary completely filled with devoted followers of JESUS CHRIST.

Imagine our baptismal font constantly full because the Lord is using us to bring more and more people into HIS Kingdom.

Imagine the altar area full of youth and children as they sing their hearts out and give their testimonies because their lives have been CHANGED as a result of Lea Joyner Church…

Throughout this page, you will find many of the documents we have produced to explain our need: what we are trying to do and why. Please take a look and let us know if you would like any further information.

Creative Giving Strategies

The concept of equal giving has never existed at our church. Instead, we believe that the SACRIFICE should be equal. This ensures that there is a role in this capital funding campaign for every member of
the church. Everyone’s sacrifice is important if we are to be successful. Your financial involvement is a
decision between you and the Lord. Giving is a part of worship, but giving must come from your heart
to please God. You will never be pressured, nor told what you should give. However, we ask that
you pray to discern God’s will for your participation in the campaign

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