Who We Are

Lea Joyner is a Christian community that believes we are called to share our faith by the way we live and care for those around us.  At Lea Joyner you will be cared for, and called upon to care for others.


Our History

At the age of 37, Rev Lea Joyner felt called by God to start a church on the south side of Monroe.  She had three vacant lots,no congregation and no money. The Conference gave Rev. Joyner $5000. With $5000 and God leading her, Rev. Joyner began the journey to build South Side Methodist Church. 


In 1952, Southside Methodist Church was officially organized as a Mission Congregation of the Methodist Church.


After her death in 1985, the congregation moved from the south side of Monroe to our current location on Old Sterlington Road and the name was changed to Lea Joyner Memorial United Methodist Church.  The congregation continues to meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of singles and families in our congregation, in our community, in our state, and all around the world.


Our Beliefs

We are a United Methodist Congregation.  We believe that our faith is lived out in our relationships. We believe that celebration is more important than condemnation.  In fact, we believe that God really doesn’t care about your past flops, fumbles and failures, so neither do we.  God cares about you, and expects us to as well.  So we do no judgment or questions asked.


United Methodist Information


The People of The United Methodist Church: Help people in their community, Accept you for who you are, Offer a place to belong, Care for and support each other, Show respect for other religions, Support people facing difficulty, Welcome diverse opinions and beliefs, and Guide others to find deeper meaning. We believe in God and each other.



Our Purpose & Beliefs


Lea Joyner Memorial is a United Methodist congregation with a simple mission



We believe it is our mission to change lives, transform the community, and renew the church. For us, that takes place through relationships…  relationships with God and the people and world around us.  We believe that our faith is demonstrated in our relationships and expressed through our actions.


We believe that real worship is what takes place when we leave church on Sunday mornings. For that to be true, our worship together should empower us to live faithfully, in good times and in tough times, so that we can do all the good  we can, where ever we can.


Lea Joyner Memorial is a Christian community where non-religious and nominally religious people can become deeply committed Christians and disciples for Jesus Christ.


Our Core Values


People matter to God. Therefore, they matter to us. God’s message, the Bible, transforms people’s lives. People are the church. Our church must have an evangelical impact on our community. Ministry must be carried out in a relevant way. The Bible is the guide for all faith and practice. Every Christian has a God-given ministry. We are to live holy in a unholy world.


Vision Statement

What if…?


Imagine a group of people who are mesmerized and captivated by the idea that this is not about them, but all about Jesus. What if this group of people were transfixed by His story and His heart for their city? What if they were seed throwers and fire starters, hope peddlers and grace givers, risk takers and dreamers, young and old?


What if they looked at life from God’s point of view? Looking outward you would see that they empower the poor, strengthen the weak, embrace the outcast, and seek out the lost. Looking inward, you would see that they serve together, play together, worship together, and live together.


What if they understood that they are community and that their city could change because God sent them? Their nation could change and their world could change if they were to send people out from among themselves.

What if they were us?

This is the vision of Lea Joyner Memorial.